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Chi vs Chi/Non-Bender (part 1 maybe?)


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I think seeing a fight between two chi blockers it's quite boring. Like you see... punching? While it's logical, I think adding a small stuff wouldn't hurt... amirite? :)

QuickStrike vs QuickStrike:
I think when chi blocker A strikes a chi blocker B, but before he does the punch, the chi blocker B can hold sneak with quicstrike (or warriorstance - still debating) to nullify the damage from the chi blocker A, because the chi blocker is fairly are aknowledge of how they own should work, thus shouldn't they know how to counter/defend themselves when attacked by their own from another same fighting class combatant?

Of course, this will have a limit: it work only for a certain amount of duration while (s)he crouches to keep it active.

Arcrobatstance/High Jump vs High Jump
If you're opponent is about to jump on you and blow his knuckles at you, you could high jump and you would thenautomaticly (if you're in a reasonable opponent's radius) jumped forward to do the punch both at the same in the air temporarely. Just for a dramatic effect. If the combatant doesn't respond back with any punch/kick attack, he will then be launched with a quite decent-medium knockback when hit by you.