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Approved Cactus Texture


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(Ignore the shape of it, cause I'm not suggesting to be stacked like that, lol. Just pay attention to the texture of it)

Simple: blocky cactus with the top having that orange thingy, in one of the sides the lime looking spot and another next to it at another side.

P.S. According to wiki, there are 5 more different classifications of cacti, so there could probably more looking different than the given one. I'll try to look more in the episodes where they might be shown, and then suggest them for another resource packs in a following reply.

Actually there is only two.
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Here's how the item could look wn dropped, held in hand and as an icon:

(just imagine it being uncut)

#2 Cactus Resource Pack - this another resource pack that still changes only the cactus and won't affect other stuff; conflict with other resource pack that change other texture of other stuff.

This image may look unclear to you, so I advise you to check it out by watching that scene, which is found in Original Airbenders episode.
Nothing much different about it, except it is brigther (or maybe appears that way cause it isn't the dessert (maybe the dessert biome can make both of the cacti look darker?)) and has a rose-pink flower on it.


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Marked as Approved.
Small change that would benefit for the aesthetic.
Though the cut cacti icon probably won't happen since you can't actually eat/drink cacti and it would be misleading.