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Suggestion AvatarState

When an avatar inadvertently enters the avatarstate, the following effects should occur when the first corresponding ability is selected.

When I highlighted 'inadvertently', I mean the current feature we have, when an avatar enters the avatarstate at half an heart without having it binded.

WaterSpout: should automaticly rocket the avatar up with the spout to the maximum height.
Phasechange: should automaticly unfreeze the water around him/her while frozen in it.
Tornado: should slowly ascend the user up (Levitation status effect perhaps) while the spout raises up.
AirSpout: same as for WaterSpout case, but it should start up with a delay.
Tremorsense: If the glowstone stays through out future update: have avatarstate change a chuck-width area into glowstone.
LavaFlow: forces lava from multiple spots to shoot up and shoot up in a shape of spouts.

Like Aang, he had no control over his action and bending feats he performed. He didn't even knew how to bend particular move and element before mastering it (Book:Water-"The Avatars Return" - when he pulled himself back on the deck and washed zuko off the ship).

All the clips/scenes half through the video (0:00 - 05:36)

Lavaflow inspiration:
The Avatar Wikia said:
"While attempting to master the Avatar State by harnessing the energy of the sun during the winter solstice in 55 BG, Avatar Roku remained stuck in the Avatar State as a result of the overwhelming power that rushed through his body. During this time, he inadvertently caused the eruption of a small volcano near the Fire Temple on Crescent Island.[3]"