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Suggestion Avatar Statue

In the third episode of Book One, "The Southern Air Temple"... maybe I'll better sum it up straight from the wikia article of the air temple sanctuaries that we're introduced to, lol.

A century later, Aang visited the Southern Air Temple with Katara and Sokka, and, remembering what Gyatso had told him, Aang opened the sanctuary doors with airbending. Instead of finding a master to teach him, he came across a long line with statues of previous Avatars. It was here that he saw his future pet lemur, Momo, for the first time, watching him from the doorway behind them. Aang and Sokka raced to catch Momo, with Aang wanting to befriend him and Sokka wanting to eat him. The chase led Aang to accidentally stumble upon Gyatso's corpse, and his rage and grief caused him to enter the Avatar State. While in the Avatar State, the eyes of the statues in the sanctuary began to glow. When Aang calmed down, he and his friends returned to the sanctuary. Momo brought Sokka food as a gesture of friendship and officially joined Team Avatar later.
Basically, as you might have known by the title, I'm suggesting to recreate a similar thing in the game.

Now with RPG and Items installed, after an avatar dies in a cycle (if it doesn't get broken), they're heads will spawn on a special armor stand item - "Avatar Stand" and the corresponding color of a leather armor will be equipped to that stand based of an avatar native element (e.g, red leather armor for a firebender).

Every armor stand will be "renewed" with an avatar that just died right after in the current continuing cycle.

By default standards, the avatar role switches in this order of the bending art weilder: an airbender, then waterbender, then earthbender, then firebender and so on.

Based on the op/builder's (that has access to this item) pattern of placing an "avatar stand", each avatar of a different nation in order will be lined up in that direction. For example, If the avatar stands are placed from west to east, that's how the rest "Avatar Stand" will appear: starting with an airbender in west and ending with an waterbender at the east (that is, If there are only 4 armor stands placed on in that one row, because otherwise the avatar of the nation will rinse and repeat). The Next Placed armor stand will of course prioritize the next avatar head of the current one that will die (.... in a sense that all the previous avatar statues are 'complete').

And like in the show: all the avatar statues will start to "glow", via a bunch of particles (type determined in the config) will spawn around all the statues after someone enters the avatar state.

To get this statues, the following command (by the op) must be typed: /bending items give avatar stand
You can even specify the queue of the cycle after the cycle, by /... avatar stand [number] to set up for a preperation of a new cycle after the current one's get broken.
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Another way of doing it is, you could set up all of the armor stands at once (So that you can do them in any design you want) and then do a command like /bending statuemode that puts you into creative mode. While in this mode, any Armor Stand you right click will then be queued as a Avatar Stand, in the order that you click is the order that the cycle will appear in. So the first stand you click will be the first Avatar. To move the stands to a different location if you so wish, you can remove the stands but the avatar will be saved. So go to your new location, enter Statue Mode, and as you right click each NEW armor stand you've built, it will equip the armor of that respective Avatar. So if I move my statues to a new location, the FIRST armor stand I click will now equip the First Avatars armor/skull, and then so on and so forth.


Some commands this addition could feature:

To enter/exit Statue Mode: /bending statuemode

To save current Statues: /bending statuesave


To automatically load Avatar States in a way that Mesk said: /bending statueload

To delete existing Avatars: /bending statue remove [Number:Name:All]

To list all past Avatars: /bending avatars
I wonder If WorldEdit can be incorperated and effect custom items/blocks too.

Like imagine doing //replace armor_stand avatar_stand, and while still keeping the registered date of what order/when each one was placed, that would be easy-peasy. Though, your command sounds nice.


Like imagine doing //replace armor_stand avatar_stand
You could go further and do //replace armor_stand avatar_stand_[number of avatar]. This would be able to replace it with an exact Avatar. For example: //replace armor_stand avatar_stand_1 would replace the [object] with the First Avatar in the sequence.
And the glow could be even applied to other objects. Such as a painting and a beacon from the canon examples.

"In coincidence with the occurrence in the sanctuary, the Avatar temples in the other three nations around the world simultaneously experience similar events, their own Avatar statues and murals glowing spontaneously as well. In the Fire Temple, the Fire Sages prepare to inform the Fire Lord of the return of the Avatar."


Would it be possible to change the color of ever beacon on the server to the same color? The default beacon color is the one I'd suggest because of how similar it is but... Idk, seems like an unnecessary measure to take.
It could be cool! There was also a dark avatar, with red glow than traditional one. Both could come with their own indepentable color.
Depending of what the role of the dark qvatar would be in one particular saver? Maybe it's a twist: the dark is actually the good one ;)