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Denied Aura Reading

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Ty lee is known to have this ability. While not all chi blockers have this (as well can be argued with iy lee not weilding smokescreen), it still is something that I thing would come in handy. Besides, reading auras can be learned. I do think it fits perfectly with a chi blocker and the theme of it.

With this, you can left click or sneak. If you left click, you'll be able to tell the "aura" of the person by just looking at him/her with the cursor pointing. If you tap sneak, you'll be able to see everyone's aura in a certain radius from yours.

When you read someone's aura., you'll be able to tell If they have any status effects on them and what kind, via notified privately in the chat.

Additionally, you can "cure" these status effect by changing their aura, via looking at them and holding sneak ,then left click.


I think it'd be a cool sub-element for chi; I guess it would be called sub-abilities. But Kya (Katara's daughter) also had the ability to aura read so then there's the argument in why only chi..... It's this whole ordeal. However, not sure how I feel about the manipulation of status effects.... I thought the point of being a chi blocker was to NOT be able to bend anything? Of course, you could also go into the argument of when the Lion Turtle said, "In the era before the avatar, we bent not the elements, but the energy within." So yea.... Take this how you will.
Yeah. Blockers in theory can learn bending too, but again the argument is two words: "convienence" and "balance". That's what aura reading is.

I just thought to add something additional to cover the left-out sneak key, so I thought off this. I actually based of a real life psychic ability, so yeah. I won't even mind If the cure feature doesn't reach with the whole ability in the next chi update, since it ain't canon and looks far-fetch.
Woops, I meant in reverse: Benders can learn chi blocking. Chi Blocking is just a skill, while bending can only be gained by inheritance from the genes/birth.


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Guys you are reading way into what Ty Lee says and does. Her "aura reading" is like feeling bad vibes or omens, its not a real thing that she can feel she just believes she can feel them and makes it up based upon her view of the situation. I don't know how to properly describe it without sounding rude but it is sort of like hippy talk from the 70s.

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