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  1. Pride

    ABANDONED RootRush 1.1

    RootRush: Summon a frenzy of roots at whatever you're looking at! (totally not copyrighted by Pokemon). Once it hits a target, they become rooted to the ground whilst taking 2.5 hearts of damage. You can sneak to ride on the roots as a form of transportation, however you will only move to the...
  2. MeskenasBoii

    Suggestion (2017-02-18) FrostBreath

    10% of the waterbenders that are 'born' in the server will obtain the ability of FrostBreath. With this ability, a waterbender can freeze the soaked opponents (i.e. a check is done if the entity was in contact with water and after that, whenever before 60 second has passed), by holding sneak...
  3. MeskenasBoii

    Denied WaterSpout

    I think it would be cool If the waterspout (and it's spiraling effect) picked up others in its wake... (Well.... that's disturbing) Much better!
  4. MeskenasBoii


    Instead of Ice ability giving you slowness, the replacement of it should be this imo: Left Click the Source > Hold Sneak. A row of three blocks would slither in front of you. Let go of sneak and it should create/form something like this: Since it's a streaming bourn, anyone that puts their...
  5. MeskenasBoii

    Watermanipulation small detail

    It should fill a 1x1x1 vertical hole if the projectile hits its inward facing block sides. Boolean Config Option: FillsUpAHole: false.
  6. portal2lbp2

    Denied WaterGlobe

    WaterGlobe - An original, highly stylized, waterbending combo. Element: Water Sub-Element: IceBending Description: WaterGlobe is an offensive-inclined waterbending move, in which the Bender creates a globe (Or ball) of water around a target (Player, Sheep, Cow, Pig, etc.). After the sphere...
  7. Hero

    Denied Waterbending - WaterJet

    - AvatarWikia Element: Water Sub-Element: Water Description: Charge watermanipulation to do more damage and knockback for longer cooldowns. Effect: Causes a stream of water to come out of the water and push back anything in its path. Control: Hold shift until you see water particles surrounding...
  8. Hero

    Waterbending - Tidal Wave

    Element: Water Sub-Element: Add-on to Torrent Description: Unleash a tidal wave from impact. Effect: Causes a big wave to spread out from where you landed. Control: Fall from a high distance into water to cause a tidal wave pushing outwards. If anything gets hit, they will get knockback a...
  9. MeskenasBoii

    Awesome IceSpike version

    Charge IceSpike (long chargetime) when on or near snow or water - Release it to shoot 3 arches of ice If all of them succesfully injures its target, that creature will be dealt with 3.0 damage (each one deals 1.0 damage) For clarification, it deals *<3 <3 <3* ,and not *<3 <* .