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  1. xNuminousx

    Schematic Tutorial (Cabbage Cart) v1

    Schematic Tutorial Here I will be listing, in detail, how to use schematics that you can find in the Avatar Schematics section of the download page! >> LINK << this tutorial will be made assuming you know how to set up your own server and add your own plugins to it. You'll need WorldEdit for...
  2. OmniCypher

    Development Resources

    Hey everyone, I have been getting questions from a lot of you regarding resources you can use to start developing or to further your current skill set. In order to save myself a little bit of time, I decided to make a post outlining some of the resources you have at your disposal. For those of...
  3. Sobki

    ProjectKorra API Development Tutorials

    Hey everyone! So recently I have had quite a few people asking questions about developing addon abilities. I thought it's about time that an updated tutorial was created on the process taken, and use the ProjectKorra API in general. The first video which covers setting up the basics of your...