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  1. Tyson-xLumos

    My entry for the Quote Build Competition: "Desire" v1.0.0

    My submission for the quote, category "When you base your expectations only on what you see... you blind yourself to the possibilities of a new reality". This build, called "Desire" shows Zuko's perceived identity - the one he wishes to escape: trying to bring honor to his father, decked in his...
  2. Tyson-xLumos

    Build Competition Entry for "Harmony" Titled: Reclamation v1.0.0

    My solo entry for the "Harmony" division is "Reclamation" which portrays a spirit panda becoming reclaimed into the mountain side, representing the harmony between spirits and nature, and the cyclical nature of all life.
  3. xNuminousx

    Schematic Tutorial (Cabbage Cart) v1

    Schematic Tutorial Here I will be listing, in detail, how to use schematics that you can find in the Avatar Schematics section of the download page! >> LINK << this tutorial will be made assuming you know how to set up your own server and add your own plugins to it. You'll need WorldEdit for...