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  1. u_u

    Metalbending MetalTendrils 1.0.0

    MetalTendrils offers metalbenders a much-needed mobility option. Difficult terrain or otherwise earthbender-hostile areas (think snowy taigas, frozen peaks, etc) become trivial to scale. The user can carry themselves around with the tendrils, as long as they have metalbendable equipment and...
  2. Simplicitee

    Earthbending Shrapnel 1.0.0

    Shrapnel [Metalbending] [GIF] What It Do? Use your metalbending to throw nuggets of gold and iron like pieces of shrapnel, dealing damage when they hit entities. This requires that you have gold or iron nuggets in your inventory to launch! Click to shoot a single piece of shrapnel at high...
  3. DarkPhosphorus

    Suggestion Metal/Sand Sub ability combo

    I have a suggestion for a sub ability combo for earth. I call this ability "Iron Sand" Iron sand is an earth combo that can be used for both offensive and defensive purposes. The said earth bender must have both sand and metal sub abilities unlocked. By right clicking a sand source block, then...
  4. Pride

    Suggestion People with strong Metallic Armor should not be affected by Chi Blocking.

    I just realized this now, that Paralyze and other Chi Blocking moves work against Diamond and Iron armor, or any kind of armor regardless of how it's refined or how hard it is. I believe the only armor that should be affected are Leather, Chain and Gold armor, because 1.) Leather does not...
  5. Green


    Element: Earth Sub-class: Metal Ability name: MetalArmor Metal as of now is a very sad sub-class, there is really nothing to it. So I have though of this multi ability move that might save all of us metal benders. So for this ability to work you have to have an iron chestplate on. Abilities...
  6. Green


    This move needs a better name suggest one please! Move: MetalWork Element: Earth -> Metal So what this ability will do is when a player has a tool in his/her hand they can left click and it will change to another tool. Sword -> Pickaxe -> Axe -> Shovel -> Hoe This will also work if you have...
  7. NecKteviL

    Denied MetalPoisoning

    Element: Earth Sub: Metal Cooldown: 20000 To use this move you, you must have melted iron ores in your inventory. Simply tap sneck until silver particles appear in front of you, then punch the enemy to give it poison. This idea is not mine, I sa it in the RockMc forum in suggestion bit.
  8. Fyf

    Denied MetalShield (Name subject to change)

    Footnote: I am interested into incorporating wearing iron chestplate as a source for more metal-bending moves, as carrying something valuable like metal ingots isn't really viable in PvP and this means metal doesn't get as much play as something like Lava. I believe moves like this would be a...