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  1. Pride

    Waterbending Aromatherapy Build 1, PK 1.8.9

    Aromatherapy: Similarly how waterbenders are able to use water in order to heal people, they are able to cause widespread healing with the use of water containing special healing properties within plants and flowers by aromatherapy. Usage: To use, hold sneak on a plant or flower. (Default...
  2. S

    Suggestion Chi Healing. *(New Moves)*

    It is well known in the show 'Avatar the Last Airbender' that 'Chi' is an energy that flows throughout every bender, some nonbenders have learned to block the chi in benders, we call them "Chi-Blockers" While rewatching the show I thought of some interesting moves that chi could use...
  3. EmeraldJelly

    Waterbending Mend v2.0.1

    Description: Hold Shift to drain water from the air and swirl it around your body. Release shift to rush that water into your body to heal your wounds! Leave Suggestions in the comments below. Also, leave all bugs in the comments below as well. Happy Bending!! - Emerald "This is not an...
  4. Vahagn

    Healing Waters

    Healing Waters should be able to heal zombie villagers, zombie pigmen, witches to their peaceful counterparts (villager, pig, villager) I couldn't find anything on this topic specifically in the Advanced search, and reasoned that this suggestion doesn't really belong in any 1 given plugin, so I...
  5. MeskenasBoii

    Looking Into Spirit Water

    A item of a waterbottle It wouldn't have a crafting recipe, because it suppose to be valuable and I doubt it that this magically special water was and can be somehow man-made crafted. A Waterbender can restore own or someone's else health full in 1 second (without regeneration effect) with...