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    Swamp Citizen Home Almost Any Version!

    Hey Guys I Hope You Like My Builds Here's A Swamp House For The Swamp People In Avatar (Plant Benders)
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    Miniature Mother Tree In Swamp Made Using 1.12 But Works For Almost Any Versions!

    Hey Guys I'm Back With Another Schematic I Hope You Guys Show Me Lots Of Love And Support And If Ya Like My Builds Tell Me And Ill Post More! Thanks! Heres A pic From Anime Of What I was Baseing The Build Off Here's How The Build Looks In Game: I Used The Plugin World Edit To Make...
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    Avatar Water House Made On 1.12 But Can Be Used On 1.6.4+

    Hey Guys this is my first resource post i hope u like it if you do ill post more of my server builds for Avatar In This Build i've made A Northern Water Tribe House but this could really be used for any tribe I hope This Gos Well For Both Me And My Downloaders! Enjoy My Build And These Lovely...