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  1. Viridescent

    Chiblocking Dash 1.0.0

    Dash By: Viridescent_ GitHub Dash is a ChiBlocking ability that allows it's user to quickly Dash at a target direction, and dash again once more if in mid-air. This ability provides great mobility and unpredictability for ChiBlocking users, and allows a very good means of escaping and engaging...
  2. Viridescent

    Bloodbending BloodShards 1.0.2

    Bloodshards By: Viridescent_ GitHub BloodShards is a BloodBending ability in which the user can extract their own Blood, and turn it into frozen pellets to shoot at their foes with great speed and accuracy. Permission: bending.ability.BloodShards
  3. K

    Swamp Citizen Home Almost Any Version!

    Hey Guys I Hope You Like My Builds Here's A Swamp House For The Swamp People In Avatar (Plant Benders)
  4. Green

    Denied EarthTunnel

    Element: Earth Ability: EarthTunnel (add on) What this will allow the bender to do is break earth bendable blocks much faster with there fists when on the earthtunnel slot. They can break blocks as fast as if they have a iron pic axe. Also if you are using any type of pic axe you will get...
  5. Green

    Denied RaiseEarth (add on) Revised

    Move: (Place name here) Raise Earth add on Element: Earth Type: Utily/defense What it does do?: When a player is in the slot of raiseearth he/she will right click and when they do the move is activated, what it does is when you jump a pillar of earth will appear beneath you (only as high as...