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Denied EarthTunnel

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Element: Earth
Ability: EarthTunnel (add on)

What this will allow the bender to do is break earth bendable blocks much faster with there fists when on the earthtunnel slot. They can break blocks as fast as if they have a iron pic axe. Also if you are using any type of pic axe you will get efficiency 1 while your pic axe is in this slot and you are mining earth blocks.

You get all the blocks you break just like you would with a pic axe.

This move would be great because you don't get the blocks you break with earth tunnel, which you be OP. So this is my non OP solution to the problem with EarthTunnel.

Now earth benders will rule the underground!!!
Suggested and I included that it should a passive for all slots. I disagree with the idea of obtaining the block that was punched. It will defeat the whole purpose of mining, making earthbenders not ever using a pickaxe and.... It's just OP. Remember during Orion's time when earthtunbel was disabled by most servers? Same thing will happen to this technique. It makes mining insanely fast and without having the bender to break a sweat.
Not open for further replies.