Waterbending VineManipulation Build 1.4, PK 1.8.8

new sources!
you are now able to source from different types of blocks!
- grass blocks -> turn to dirt blocks when sourcing them
- logs -> turn into stripped logs when sourcing them
updated to 1.8.8
- removed ensnare/roots
- sounds added when sourcing plants
- added collisions
  • Collides with the list of abilities:
    • Main ability: VineManipulation
    • Small abilities: FireBlast, AirSwipe, EarthBlast & WaterManipulation
      • Removes both abilities
    • Large abilities: FireBlastCharged, Combustion, EarthSmash & Shockwave
      • Removes VineManipulation only
    • Spout abilities: WaterSpout & AirSpout
      • Removes the spouts only
    • Shield abilities: FireShield, FireManipulation & AirShield
      • Removes VineManipulation only
- added a new feature: PlantArmor
  • when the plants reach you whenever you hold sneak on a plant to use vineattack, left click to use PlantArmor
if any of you find any bugs, please report it to me! (discussion may not be open yet, but you could start a conversation with me or you could DM me on my discord: Prometheus#2655)
- Merged abilities
- entities not being "rooted" on grass blocks
- added a dead bush that appears under the entity (for aesthetics)
- sound effects