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ProjectKorra (RPG)

ProjectKorra (RPG) 1.1.0

Hey everyone! Beta 10 is out and as promised, updates for everything! I really hope you guys are as pumped about all this as we are! This new version of RPG is squeaky clean and filled with new features and fixes! Just like items, all RPG Commands are now implemented under Core (meaning they show up in /b help and require the /b initializer) and due to the config changes, your RPG config files will need to be regenerated. This version MUST be used with Core Beta 10 or above.

  • Fixed all Events and their messages
  • Fixed NPE in Events
  • Fixed all RPG Commands

  • Added toggled bending support to RPG
  • Added SubElement Assigning to Element Assigning
  • Added list argument to the Avatar command to list previous avatars
Hello all! This is a compatibility update only. This ensures that ProjectKorra (RPG) works with all ProjectKorra (Core) 1.7.0 BETA 13 builds or higher. Using this version with any earlier Core version will not work.
This version of the plugin requires ProjectKorra (Core) v1.7.0 BETA 2 or later.

Hey all, this update was just to ensure compatibility with the latest versions of ProjectKorra (Core). In order to continue using this plugin after you update the Core version of the plugin, you must use v1.0.1 or later.