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ProjectKorra (Items)

ProjectKorra (Items) 1.4.0

Hey, everyone! We are busy getting all our side plugins out for you to start using. We fixed a few issues in this build so be sure to update to it!

Fixed Bugs:
Updated to 1.10.
Fixed various NPE's caused by the version change.
Fixed the No permission message being displayed twice.
Added the missing list command permission to default.

What are some features you'd like to see us add to Items? We have a few small features like Auto tabbing in the give command coming soon!
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Hey everyone! Beta 10 is out and as promised, updates for everything! We rewrote a lot of Items in an attempt to cut down on how intensive it can be process wise, as well as merged its command base with Core. As a side note, all Items Commands are now implemented under Core (meaning they show up in /b help and require the /b initializer) This version MUST be used with Core Beta 10 or above.

  • Fixed NPE in OnDisable

  • Added give command to give certain players custom items
  • Added reload command to reload the items custom item file
ProjectKorraItems now MUST be ran with ProjectKorra Core v1.8.0 Beta 9 or higher!

Fixed Fire and Air stats
Fixed players being able to shift click items out of /pki items
Fixed various missing internal accessors / mutators for stats
This is a compatibility update. This ProjectKorra (Items) update is built to work with ProjectKorra (Core) 1.7.0 BETA 13 and higher only. Using this with any previous version will not work.
This update requires ProjectKorra (Core) 1.7.0 BETA 2 or later to function!

This update was largely created for compatibility, but has a few new features for everyone to play with. You can find the changelog on our wiki by clicking here or clicking the link below.

Changelog: http://projectkorra.wikia.com/wiki/ProjectKorra_(Items)_v1.1.0_Changelog