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ProjectKorra (Items)

ProjectKorra (Items) 1.4.0

  • Deleted member
  • 1.00 star(s)
  • Version: 1.4.0
needs to work in the newest versions :c
Doesnt work on 1.12.1
Please update this so it's compatible with the newest version of pk core, and I will give a better rating:)
I can put more damage!!!
Too many errors
Well.. This seems like a cool Plugin, I've used it for my server but is there any way to make it so ONE player can be the avatar the whole time? Or atleast be able to make a player avatar all the time instead of it saying 'This play has already been the Avatar.'? Would be great with some response since I could use some help. My rating will change if it's possible. Overall great plugin :)
I love it and its awesome but i hope there comes an update that makes all the moves until now increasable and decreasable also it would be cool if u guys made a kinda tuturial to let non official bendingmoves get increasable and decreasable by the developers of the move and then they send it to u and u can add it in the new updates
This is a dream come true, thanks for making this!
Seriously very cool. I made an air glider for the server, and it has so much possibilities. If you have an avatar server and haven't added this yet, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?