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IceDrill (Combo)

ABANDONED IceDrill (Combo) 1.1

*The ability has been re-shaped.
*Gravel, Sand, Dirt and Grass are added into the breakable blocks list.
*Stone-break chance has been added (Default: 50%), you are able to break the stones anymore.
*RegenTime option has also been added into the config.
*The ability gives damage now, also when IceDrill is shattered, it gives damage too. (Half of the ability damage)
*The bug causing WaterArms ability to stuck forever while using IceDrill has been fixed.
*EntityCollision option has also been added into the config.
*IceDrill not descenting bug caused by WaterSpout has been fixed.
*Fly and Gravity glitch has been fixed.
*IceDrill shattering effect bug has been fixed.
*IceDrill not appearing under the ground has been fixed.
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