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Firebending FireDisc 2.0.3

Updated to newest PK
* Updated to be 1.8.6 compatible
* Changed animation
Added more particles into the ability
- Added blue fire option:
-- See main page for information!

- Changed default range to 25 from 15
- Changed some aspects of the ability:
-- Removed burning options in config
-- Added controllable option in config
-- In AvatarState, ability is controllable
-- Ability can cut blocks, new options include:
--- RevertCutBlocks - reverts the cut blocks on server restart/reload
--- Cuttable_Blocks - list of materials that can be cut
--- DropCutBlocks - if set to true, cut blocks will drop as items.
- Changed name to FireDisc
- Fixed damage with Beta 5
Update to version 1.7 (ProjectKorra)
Now uses separate config called "Simplicitee" in pk folder
Fixed config not generating for 1.7.0 Beta 12
Added sound