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Firebending Disintegrate 1.0.0

Very basic move, simply right click a block to disintegrate it with fire bending. The move will soon be updated to make it more useful once i learn some more java and have some more free time. It is a more simple move not the greatest as far as being useful, I'm posting it because it is my first of hopefully many addon moves. THE MOVE IS FOR PROJECTKORRA 1.9.2 THE FORUMS JUST ONLY GIVE ME AN OPTION UP TO 1.8.8!!
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3.00 star(s) 2 ratings

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Good move, just no config options, and obviously I know how to check.. thanks. Only a 3 star because it removes bedrock
Did not show in the configuration or in the server, would like to see this and AirShove in action,

Pls message me on discord AzzaCurrey#001
Have you ever downloaded any custom moves? I just can’t think of why neither would work… This move I’ve tried to delete from the forums but it won’t let me. But airshove works perfectly on my server and I use the same exact file, disintegrate also works perfect just not a super well designed move