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Side Plugin DamageSplashesPK 1.3.3

Now it supports older ProjectKorra versions without bungee ChatColor!

Version 1.3.3

+Some bugfixes.

+Added support for ProjectKorra-1.9 and may be less!
(Tested on 1.19.3 with ProjectKorra-1.9.3)

+Version changed to 1.3.3
Version 1.3.2

+Added ProjectAddon soft dependency

+Won't crush on 1.19.3

+Won't spam damage splashes when dealing damage on player in creative mode. (Try use FireBreath on Creative Player with DSPK 1.3.1 to understand)

+Version changed to 1.3.2
Version 1.1:
+Config values for color changed, now it works with hex colors or colors' names insted of old color codes.

Version 1.2:
+Now I'm generating hex codes with String.format(), so it should work with addon elements without errors!!!

Version 1.3:
+Buggy addons with null plugin value now won't crash this side plugin. (Thanks to PapaWolf for the reporting this bug)
+Added CloserCombatCloserSplash config option, true by default.

Version 1.3.1:
+Fixed dependencies in the plugin.yml file.
Before was
depend: [ ProtocolLib, ProjectKorra, Spirits, JedCore ]
now it is
depend: [ ProtocolLib, ProjectKorra ]
softdepend: [ Spirits, Hyperion, JedCore ]

+Fixed comments generation I guess. In 1.3 it worked only with /dspkreload

+Changed groupId from "me.dreig_michihi" to "me.dreig_michihi.damagesplashespk"
+ArtifactId changed to lowercase
+Version changed to 1.3.1