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Side Plugin BendingGUI 1.5.1-PK1.10.1

Don't mind the 1 star, that's false BS. Anyways, I LOVE THIS! Thank you so much for making it. With your permission, could I view the source code? I'd like to edit out Chi out of the GUI.
Thanks! And yep, that's fine! It is available on GitHub if you like (although I can't remember if it's up to date or not though haha). Either way, if you end up using the GitHub, here's the link: https://github.com/StrangeOne101/BendingGUI
Super useful, I haven't personally used it on my own server but some servers I play on use it, great work!

It will not work. if I right click the compass it won't open and so I changed the config to just the command and it said "An internal error occurred while attemting to perform this command"
What version of ProjectKorra are you using?
This is awesome! I really like it, but I don't exactly know how to make the earthbender's bugfix work... Do you know how? Thanks :)