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    Dear Concept Developers

    That sucks, he was cute.
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    Hello, I have a suggestion for Nimbus! In the show Nimbus is able to hover and is quite free moving and controllable. My suggestion is that you make it so there is a hovering function because in the gif above they're seen using it to pick apples without moving. I imagine it being interesting...
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    Day 1: We want to hear from you!

    I'm really impressed with what the team did. I remember when I was staff and I was watching them build some of the stuff I see today, it's quite incredible and this build team deserves an award. I won't mention the lag because as you have mentioned that's been fixed. There's a few things I've...
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    I'd recommend a few changes. -Add a config option for the sound -Add a config option to disable nausea & slowness or just remove it altogether There's a very slim chance of this being used in a balanced setting if the effects are unconfigurable. Really nice animation work though.
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    Weekly Community Update (July 23, 2017)

    Happy for you buddy.
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    gonna kill you ern.

    gonna kill you ern.
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    dreaming about boys.

    dreaming about boys.
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    Planned Cat dog texture

    That's literally what I just agreed to.
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    Planned Cat dog texture

    Was already thinking that, which is why I only specified cats in this thread.
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    Planned Cat dog texture

    Marked as Planned. Cat's as Fire Ferrets would be quite cool.
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    ProjectKorra Youtube channel content suggestions!

    I agree with ernest, coding videos aren't exactly the most fun for people to watch. It'd just be a long video of lettering, most of which people probably won't understand or need to know. Actual videos in Minecraft are a lot more interesting visually in comparison.
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    ProjectKorra Youtube channel content suggestions!

    Staff bending battles.