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New profile posts

Hey man, you've got so many great plugins, bendingGUI is amazing. You got a patreon link or something?
I don't have anything like that, sorry. Glad you like my work, though! :)

If you want to support it, probably the best thing is to leave positive reviews on them for now. I appreciate the sentiment, but yeah, I don't have anything like that. Thanks, though :)
Goodjob on finally choosing a good pfp lol, Mr. Doge Samurai
Hello, thank you very much for your addon ability guide on github, it really helped me to undertand, how to create abilities! <3
just asking how do i use the combo turbojet and yes i know there is a help thing but i dont understand it so if u can tell me how to activate the combo turbojet
Hello Mist I used to play on the old etria server and immortal Minecraft server I was wondering if you had any access to those server files or old YouTube videos. I know there used to be alot, and it would be great if it was still available thank you :)
I do not have access to any of the old files for EtriaCraft to the best of my knowledge. Hope you're well!
Hey mist im from etriacraft my name was traner28. was wondering if you remember me.. Glad to see youre still at this been looking for a new bending server for a while but none match etriacraft..
When do you think the quicksand ability will be available for download?
Hi, it is not a priority for me. Sorry, i can't give you a spesific time but i can tell that it is not soon.