Suggestion Water Move: WaterShield (open for name suggestions)

I was thinking about this:
When selected the ability, the user holds shift on a water block and, when raising the mouse, a column of water rises with the aim, creating a kind of wave of water blocks, that can grow up to 3 blocks and has around 4 blocks of length (example in the file). When the releasing shift, the water freezes and creates a shield that can be used as a water source, to other bending abilities. The wall would have 5 to 10 seconds duration, and it melts, and it can be melted with a shift tap.

P.S.: the image as an example sucks, because I'm not a good builder, but everyone liked the idea



Honestly, I feel like this is too linked to IceBullet so can you put more info because then the members of staff will probably be more interested in adding it.