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Voloron Network


Welcome to the Voloron Network!
Our network (Opheon) has been rebranded! The Voloron Network is planning on a long-term re-release in Summer 2021, but for now we are opening the network for a couple weeks to give our player base a taste of what's to come!

Avatar Survival:
Our Avatar Survival server has switched from Factions to Towny, which allows us to have more flexible control of PvP! Players in a Nation can now declare war on other Nations by placing Red Banners on the outside of their claims. After 3 minutes, that claim will be taken by the attacking Nation unless the defending Nation can destroy the banner!

We have opened a new Bending Arena which is available to all players, and End access is now open to everyone while this server is available! (All portals are at spawn!) We have been doing hard work on squishing any bugs that have plagued us in previous months, and lag should be fixed for players! We plan to release more content in the coming days after our soft re-opening, so stay tuned for more information!

Hub & Creative:
Our Creative server is available to everyone and is accessible from the Hub using /creative! Builds are visible to everyone and is a great way to practice for our build team or design something for your town on AS! Hop in to start building!
We have also added some minigames to show you what will be available come Summer 2021, use /pg to play some games in the Hub!

New Website:
Our brand new website has been released! We have moved away from Enjin and our fantastic developer/owner PhantomBreeze has built something brand new from the ground up! We have kept some features of a classic forum, with some brand new tech added in.
The website is integrated with Minecraft, so your account can be a way for you to log in. Just be on the server and go to the website, where it will detect your account. You then can set an email address and password to log in from anywhere!
The website will also detect your element and rank status, and change colors accordingly! Dynamap integration will also be available! We plan to add more in the future, and as always, feedback in our Discord is always appreciated and encouraged!

Our team is excited to get this content out to you, and we can't wait for this Summer when everything will come together! Welcome to Voloron!

Voloron Website: voloron.com
Server URL: play.voloron.com
Discord: Discord Invite Link

This network is still in development but is currently open to the community. New updates happen daily and patch notes are available on our website and discord channel! We are actively reading feedback from our community so send us your suggestions!
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