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Suggestion Spiritual Projection

Spiritual Projection
''Spiritual projection is a specialized airbending technique that consists of projecting one's spirit out of the body to travel to another location in a matter of seconds. Through projection, an airbender is able to explore locations that would otherwise have been inaccessible, such as moving around freely underwater or at sealed locations by passing through solid matter, while they can also normally talk with other people. Airbenders can also use this technique to find individuals with whom they have a strong bond by focusing on their spiritual energy. It is a very advanced technique that requires a strong spiritual connection.''

With this ability you can search for lost places, temples, dungeons, villages and a beautiful area where you can make your home.

To Start Spiritual Projection:
hold shift (meditation) for a certain time then an NPC sitting in your location will consist and this NPC will represent your body, with your name and your skin. You will be invisible in the meantime and you will receive vanilla flight and spectral effect. You cannot bend, damage or take damage at this time.


Body mechanics:
If your body gets damaged while traveling, it will affect your health and after a certain damage, the spiritual projection will close and you will return to your body because your health will represent your energy.


Travel and Spirit mechanics:
Left-click while in Spirit mode then you will switch to gamemode 3 (spiritual mode) then you will be completely in the spiritual world and no one will see you. You can teleport to players or travel in 1k (1000) block away from your body.


To close Spiritual projection:
  • In Spirit or spiritual mode Hold shift and left click to close the spiritual projection
  • spiritual projection will close when your health falls to a certain level
  • If you touch your body while in spiritual or spirit mode, the spiritual projection will close.
Requirements for Spiritual projection to work:
  • you should not be in the air while meditating and the block you are on should be a full cube ( Should'nt be stairs , fence etc.)
  • spiritual projection will enter cooldown if damaged during meditation because you have to calm down.
  • if you have health below a certain level of health, spiritual projection won't work because your health will represent your energy.
Spiritual Projection:
   Enabled: true
   Cooldown: ??
   MaxDuration: ??
   MeditationDuration: ??
   MinimumHealth: ??
   CooldownAfterDamage: ?? (during meditation)
    DistanceFromBoddy: ??
    InvisibleEffect: true/false
    SpectralEffect: true/false
    Enabled: true/false
    DistanceFromBoddy: ??
    CanTeleportPlayers: true/false
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Digital Team
bump :) This is an addon already, I'm not sure what's been going on with it or if it has been updated recently though.
bump :) This is an addon already, I'm not sure what's been going on with it or if it has been updated recently though.
lonny's spiritual projection doesn't have the ability to walk through walls or find one easily, and these are basic spiritualprojection features. :)