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SparklingFire V1.3.1 (ProjectKorra 1.9-10+)


Dreig submitted a new resource:

SparklingFire - Create SparklingFire to ignite something! Like flint-and-steel! Ignite furnaces, portals, enemies...

SparklingFire(PK 1.9.0)
firebending survival ability

SparklingFire is a firebending technique that creates a small ball of sparkling flame that is very easy to control.
This fire creates a lot of heat, so it is very easy to ignite something with it.
Using this ability, you can activate furnaces, nether portals, TNTs, ignite...
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Dreig updated SparklingFire with a new update entry:

Polishing update! Better collisions, better igniting, better sounds and effects, campfires, brewing

New featuers:
- You can set any speed in config now, collisions will be OK
- Fire sets on sides of flammable blocks like with flint and steel
- Creepers explode when you hit them
- Enemies will spread fire under their legs while they have fireTicks
- You can charge Brewing Stands with this ability
- You can on and off campfires with this ability
- When projectile falls into water it displays CLOUD particles and sound
- added SMALL_FLAME particle for red fire
- new Config options for...
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