Some bad news....


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Forge Developer
Hey everyone! Some bad news:
Mahtaran revamped the packet system- pretty sweet, right? Improved maintainability, readability, and prevents some potential bugs.
However, it's caused some unforeseen bugs that means I can't release a preview this week, as Mahtaran is on holiday again
Nor can I do gifs

Side effects (there's probably more, but these are the ones that I've seen):
-Bending on old worlds breaks them. This means you'll need to remove your bending before using a5.7, otherwise you won't be able to bend.
-Most tickhandlers don't work- smashing the ground, lightning arc, air burst, water cannon, water skate, and earthspike.
-Inferno Punch doesn't work
-Bending is sometimes removed when you rejoin a world!
Until these gamebreaking bugs are fixed by mahtaran, I have to put some stuff on hold

I also wanna play Super Mario Odyssey and some other games I've been meaning to play.
Hopefully we'll be back on track next week!