Rusty Bending Clip


So about (insert the time here) ago I made a ProjectKorra Tutorial Teaser (unofficially), but I was told that due to the plans coming up I should probably hold off on finishing it because my information and guidance would be deprecated. While a lot has changed, yet not so much as to invalidate my tutorial, I decided "Hey, lets take another crack at animating bending. It couldn't hurt."

It hurt a lot. Because I hadn't done it in a long time.

Then it dawned upon me to do use this for something larger, which if I'm not totally lazy and get off my backside and crank all that inspirational music I've got..well I'd say it'd be about a week? All this exposition is kinda unnecessary, but hopefully you enjoy this small clip of my effort to recreate bending. No specific abilities other than kind of AvatarState, AirSpout, and maybe like a tiny tiny FireBurst were able to be recreated. Everything else was improvised. But hey, maybe I'll start working on individual projects for move animations. It seems like something fun.