Dear community,

I have played on many servers and whenever I'm on them certain players have their rank next to their name when they type in chat. I am looking to do such a think and I can't find out how to do it. Can someone please help me out? It would be greatly appreciated.


It's relatively easy be the execution can vary depending on the plugin you use. Permission handling plugins usually come with built in rank editors so you might be able to use your permission plugin to set ranks. If you don't have a permissions plugin I recommend using PeX. Ranks typically get bound to either a player or a group. Groups in permission plugins are just an object that you create and apply several permissions to. You can then add players to the group so that when you make changes to the group, all the players in the group receive the changes and you don't have to apply them to every player. To get the rank you're talking about, you need to give either a player or a group a prefix. When researching whatever your preferred permissions plugin, you should find commands to add prefixes or variables to players and groups.


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I appreciate the help but it still won't work. I'm in the group, I made a prefix, but I still can't see it. Now it shows the faction I'm in and what world I'm in
Then you've successfully disabled ProjectKorra's formatting. I don't know about factions, so it might have its own formatting, so check that.

Regardless, you're more likely to get help for an issue like this on the Spigot forums. This forum is mainly for ProjectKorra, and your issue is unrelated to ProjectKorra, so posting where more people are able to help you will probably be more beneficial.