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I have a few questions about the Resource Pack.

Are the chests, workbenches, and other items supposed to be blue? Is that a bug? Is it because I'm using 1.7.10?

Will the resource pack always be x16, or will it be changed or will there be multiple different resource packs with different resolutions?

Are any of us allowed to make a Resource Pack and submit it to the website?

Is there a reason for the "magicCrit" particles to be dark blue? (The particles used in Discharge, I know it's an add-on ability but it's disappointing to have it ruined by the resource).

Current plans for the Resource Pack?


Well I do think the blue dominance is something to be changed in the future (it is not a bug). As for the versions with time a x32 and x64 will come out.
There is no restriction so feel free to make your own resource pack (texture pack are for minecraft 1.5 and under for any of you who don't know) and submit it to the forum. As for the plans I can't say only Archiuz can give you more details but only if you ask nicely :D