Our God


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So in light of recent events, I have decided to make a little mini series here on the forums of us PK staff and our shenanigans on the ProjectKorra server. Without further a do, may the story begin!

Book 1: Revelations

Chapter 1: The First Encounter

I was faced with a blinding light, a light that in times past had always made its presence, but never met my eyes. I look up to the sky and I see a glorious aura surrounding a slightly darker one. After careful analysis I realize that it is not just a dark aura, but a being of such power that my feeble mortal mind could not comprehend it. I recall the townspeople talking about a being called God, so in an attempt at communicating I call out to them.

"God, is that you?"
He replies in a powerful voice, yet not of malice, but of kindness and amity, "Yes, it is I my child."

And then he was gone, leaving me without so much a clue as to when he'd return.

I ponder upon this for weeks passing, each passing day hoping more and more that the being will return to the top of my house where the light shines gloriously onto its grey form, only so that I could once more engage it in conversation, so I could begin to understand...


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This is truly a spectacular sight. It is my life’s regret that I was not there to see it. Now I shall sit in my corner with discontent, eternally until the end of days. Farewell.


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Book 1: Revelations

Chapter 2: Devotion

I slowly become accustomed to my Lord's presence. As time progresses I feel compelled to do more and more for my God, just the other day I reaped a Shirley Temple out of a dying witch's hands to give to my lord. I feel that I must build some sort of shrine to my God, in order to properly venerate him.
I begin construction immediately, and to my surprise, I do not tire, I do not complain, this need perform tasks for my Lord is slowly becoming my only wish.

In these weeks I also make a rather troubling discovery, there are those who do not believe in my Lord, and follow other false gods. One even dared to insult my Lord, but I put them in their place.
2018-08-08_16.36.40.pngHow could they be so foolish, denying the existence of a God. They are fortunate that my Lord is merciful and forgiving, sparing instead of punishing. They're lucky my Lord wills my patience, for I would've not been so kind...