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Opheon Network


Opheon Network
Opheon is a new Minecraft Network that is based solely around bending. We just opened our network last week with the plans of opening four different servers that utilize ProjectKorra in a unique way. As of right now, our first open server is Avatar Survival which is a Towny based server with custom bending arenas and other different rewards and perks. A complete list of our planned servers can be found below:

Avatar Survival
- Towny server with bending. Join a town or make your own and compete against other towns for resources and land!

Bending Skywars (In Development)
- PVP Oriented server with bending that utilizes Bending Items to enhance different bending abilities.

Avatar RPG (Coming soon)
- Custom made world that is identical to the Avatar Universe. More info on this server will be posted later.

Bending Minigames (Coming Soon)
- Use bending to complete a variety of different minigames and unlock rewards using reward tokens! More info on this server will be posted later!

Opheon Website: opheon.net
Server URL: play.opheon.net
Discord: Discord Invite Link

This network is still in development but is currently open to the community. New updates happen daily and patch notes are available on our website and discord channel! We are actively reading feedback from our community so send us your suggestions!