Making Youtube tutorial for making custom moves using Finn's wizard


Hi I was wondering if any of the amazing devs for pk could take some time to do tutorial vids for making custom moves for ehh people with less coding skills since the other vids on youtube are kinda outdated/hard to understand


I want to learn making new earth moves(I am earthbending fan) but i don't know how. Thisi is good idea for people like my


i thought of making one and using the best of my ability to try to explain everything, but i know that most people would just skip and get to the code, because i was like that before
numinous' tutorial is in his github somewhere if you look for it. its no youtube video, but everything's perfectly explained


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I love videos and all, but speaking from experience, I used to look at the coding part only if making abilities. Whereas I learned some things like how to use eclipse, I had no idea what I was doing. I also learned how to create an ability from using @xNuminousx ’s tutorial. I would first learn java though, before anything else.