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Legacy of the Avatar


Welcome to the Legacy of the Avatar!

Hello all, Legacy of the Avatar is a roleplay server primarily based off of Legend of Korra.
Our server is set in the time period during Aang's creation of Republic City and prior to the birth of Avatar Korra.

What to expect?
  • Abilities for Chi, Fire, Water, Earth, and Air + a custom Swordsman class!​
  • A 500 x 600 map of Central Republic City!​
  • Quests scattered around Republic City (along with one major storyline quest)​
  • Many different dungeons!​
  • Tournaments​
  • Boss + mob fights!​
  • And of course... Roleplay!!

Example build of Republic City town hall!

--> https://legacyoftheavatar.enjin.com/ <--
Version - 1.16.4

Currently, we have a wide majority of builds created for our server.

We are currently whitelisted, so only staff will be allowed on until we make this project perfect!
Alas, we would love your help in the creation of our server, you can apply to be apart of our team by clicking on the "Apply" button on our menu at the top! or here

To be informed of progress and updates we recommend you join our Discord, which can also be found at the top of our page.​