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I need some help with custom abilities


So i love project korra, but I was a bit bored with my base abilities as a waterbender since I've been playing for a while now. Naturally, I go to custom abilities, however, I'm on a minehut server meaning I cant upload .jar files to it nor .zips, only
  • .yml
  • .json
  • .txt
  • .sk
  • .nbt
  • .mcfunction
  • .schematic
  • .properties
  • .csv
  • .png
  • .midi
  • .nbs
  • .mcmeta
  • .dat
  • .conf
  • .template
  • .schem
  • .jpg
  • .jpeg
  • .gif
  • .lang
So... anyone know how i could upload customs? Any help is appreciated!


Custom abilities are only available in the .jar format. I don't understand how you're able to add ProjectKorra to your server, which is a .jar file, but you can't add a custom ability?