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I need a developer


Hello! We currently am working on a Minecraft Avatar RolePlay server. We want an Avatar to randomly be selected and if he dies, a new one will be randomly selected. And we want to make the AvatarState very powerful. I made some abilities in the config strong, but some are only able to be changed with code. And the third thing we need is a leveling system. We want to make many states, where when the user makes kills or something, he gets a new rank like "Firebender-casual" and with that new abilities will come. I know I am able to do this manually with permissions, but if the server keeps on growing and I can't check how many kills the user gets, it will be pretty exhausting and impossible. If you know someone who is able to do this, or know a plugin where we are able to do this, please contact me on this thread.


Nvm lol
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I think the recently updated ProjectKorra RPG plugin has a feature where an Avatar can be randomly selected. I'm not sure how in depth it goes, but I think I remember that being a feature.

The leveling system is probably possible with another plugin. However, it will be triggered by any kill as opposed to kills that only occur when executed with bending.

I'm giving you these options because I highly doubt you'll find a developer willing to put in this kind of work for free. Even if you offer money, they may not be motivated to do this for you.