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Suggestion description of sub-elements

Sub-elements should have a description for /b h command.

sample: /b h blood

Bloodbending is a sub-skill within waterbending, recognized as the darkest and deadliest of all specialized techniques. It was discovered by Hama during her imprisonment at a facility designed to detain waterbenders, who realized that all living organisms contain water. The practice of bloodbending essentially allows a user to manipulate the water inside another body, allowing control over a victim's individual movements.Given its extreme nature, only a handful of waterbenders have demonstrated the ability to bloodbend. Due to the complex and sophisticated nature of the technique, it can typically be performed only during a full moon, when a waterbender's power is at its absolute peak.


Bloodbending is a sub-skill of waterbending that allows an extremely advanced waterbender to take hold of and manipulate fluids within an organism's body, allowing the bender to move the person's muscles. This technique is referred to as the darkest, most powerful, and most feared of all bending techniques, and it is the only art known to endanger the user's mental state.

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