Can you tell me how your plugin coexists with creeperheal

The main message tells me that I have a bit of concern, I have tried PK for a little while, many bendings are being restored in the world, but I noticed that earth bending leaves ugly bumps... I am concerned that if a restore plugin like creeperheal cannot restore this... I hope you understand and believe me that your plugin is so much fun, it would be a pity if I have to filter out the earth bending for players....


First of all, this is posted in the RPG Support?? The RPG plugin is wayy out of date and I don't recommend using. However if you meant this to be under ProjectKorra Support or whatever they call the general support forum, I can offer a bit of information.

The plugin does save and revert earthblocks which it removes. You can edit the amount of time it takes for blocks to regen in the config/yml file in the ProjectKorra folder. You can also force revert all of the blocks by reloading the plugin/restarting your server. Although I don't recommend reloading the plugin because if I remember correctly it causes a lot of issues. If blocks are NOT reverting in the event of any of the situations listed above, then we may either need some more information about your server to figure out why or it may be a known issue and we need to give the developers time to sort out the issues.