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Suggestion BindingBolas (Chi)

In the show, chiblockers are often seen spinning bolas, which they then throw at their opponents to bind their legs and/or arms to hinder their movement. This move could either be designed to be a combo, possibly of paralyze and daggerthrow, or a standalone move.

As a standalone move, the player would need to have string in their inventory and right click to throw it. Once it makes contact with the enemy, the enemy will either be slowed significantly (from having their legs bound) or unable to bend (from having their arms bound). The chances would be 50% each.

If you have any questions or need clarification, please feel free to post them in the comments and I will be happy to answer them! :)



I wonder why nobody thought of this (or is it just me that didn't see anyone replying). Anyway, this is a great suggestion. Except, i think this should be tweak alittle:
  1. Instead of string, a custom craftable (looking like a string) item could be replace. Vanilla string I think is to short and they never used actual string.
  2. When it makes the player slow, it could also prevent player from using sneak abilities (except water&earthbenders will still be able to select a source with it). And when you said their hands will be bound, left click will be prevented (again, source selecting for WB and EB is the only exception).
  3. I think along with smokebomb, these items should belong only in items plugin.
That's all I have to say so far.