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Bending Reborn

Minecraft Version: 1.10
Website: bending-reborn.enjin.com
General Server Rules:
1. Players will not use profanity (Cursing or inappropriate language) or comments/statements deemed inappropriate by Staff.

2. Any form of destroying someones property/builds is not allowed on the server, such as breaking of other people's blocks. However, raiding is allowed.
3. Players must be respectful and compliant with all staff members, regardless of their position.
4. Players must be respectful and honorable towards other players.
5. Players may be: banned, kicked, jailed, muted or other forms of punishment if deemed a disturbance to the server or other players.
6. Spamming of chat is not allowed.
7. Advertising or speaking negatively of other servers is strictly prohibited in public chat, you may share IP's in private messages.
8. Players must never ask any staff member for any game modes, permissions, nicknames or anything else that would give them an advantage over other players.
9. Report bugs, glitches or other issues to the server staff once found. You may also create a Help Ticket on the website forums.
10. All rules are subject to changes, edits and/or rewrites at the owners discretion.
More rules can be found here

Server Includes:
1. Survival: In survival you have the option to live on your own or with a group! We offer the plugin Grief Prevention so you can make your own Towns, Kingdoms or even Villages with others! Make settlements dependent on ones element (Earth Kingdom, Water Tribe, Fire Nation, Air Nomads) or simply make a settlement with your friends, the choice is yours! We offer mcMMO as well to give everyone a chance at becoming the best survivalist one can be!

2. Bending Arena: We offer a large, custom Bending Arena for you to fight other players in! It can be dangerous so come prepared!

3. Creative Plots: One of the newest additions to the server, a Creative world! This idea was suggested to us a while ago and now it's here. Go to the creative world and select your plots, each player can have up to 5 plots! You can merge your plots to make BIGGER plots or simply have 5 random plots all around the world. We like everyone to express their creative side!

4. Skyblock: Along with Creative Plots, Skyblock is one of our newer additions as well! Create your own personal island that you can even share with friends! Master the island and become the best survivalist!

Server Workings:
When you first join the server you will be greeted by a welcome sign in our professionally built spawn (in picture above). At first glance you may notice some holograms floating over some walkways. They will be: Survival, Creative Plots, Skyblock, and Lobby. Follow each hologram down the stairs to reach their teleporting holograms. Survival will teleport you to the survival spawn, Creative Plots will teleport you to the Creative World, Skyblock will teleport you to the Skyblock information area, and Lobby will teleport you to our Lobby which holds our server tutorial, Bending Arena warp, and SkyBlock information. Each area has their own specific warp accessible to the players. Use /warp to get a full list! Once you've gone around and fully understand how to work our server you are good to go!

Extra Info:
We like to run our server on Player Suggestions to attempt to make everyone happy! In our forums we offer a place where players can collaborate ideas and share their own. We like to hear what everyone likes to have so that we can all work together towards a better server. The server that is currently set up, as of this post, is mostly a "default" server. We are constantly planning for improvements and referring to our Suggestions forums to plan Updates for the server. Any suggestions are welcome!

We have an awesome donation store and try to be fair with everyone! We offer a voting system in-game to give everyone the chance to experience a premium gameplay. Every 1 vote will give you 5 website points. With these points, you can buy things like Element Changes, Treasure Keys (For the cosmetics at spawn), Bottle O' Enchanting, and even a trail! Again, we would like everyone to be able to have the premium experience so you can also give us suggestions of what to put in our Point Store!
Access our Donation Store here

This is not an official ProjectKorra Server. All Contributions and Donations made to this server are in no way affiliated with ProjectKorra or any of its plugin and goes to the server only. ProjectKorra and its staff is not responsible of your gameplay experience while on this server.
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So, we're back with an update guys! We'll be listing some of the important changes/additions/removals that are included in this update. A lot of things have been changed and/or added so hang tight! Some of the changes are open to edits and fixes!

[~] Minecraft Version 1.11.2 [~]
We have officially updated the server to 1.11.2 for Minecraft! Both our Project Korra and JedCore plugins were updated so we'll be seeing all of those features as well. Check out the Minecraft Version Changelog to see any changes in this update.

[+] Magic [+]
A very exciting announcement will be the addition of Magic! With the addition of this plugin you will, of course, be able to use Magic!!! You may have thought bending was magic.... But you haven't seen NOTHING yet! This is going to add a WHOLE new side to the server. You can choose to be a bender, magician, or even both! You will have both options in our Faction (I'll get to this later) Survival world OR you can utilize your bending skills in the Bending Arena and also practice Magic in a Magic Arena (use /warp magic)!!! A Magic tutorial will be worked on while we progress! For additional help/information go here.

[+] Factions [+]
We are replacing GriefPrevention in our Survival world for Factions! We feel Factions adds a spice to the server that was missing before... With this, if you've never used Factions before, you can create your own Faction with friends and strive to be the best! You may raid other Factions (such as stealing) but we still prohibit grieving. You may notice some symbols in chat for some of the players. These symbols, once you've joined/created a faction, depict your role in the faction. They also change colors depending on your relation with other factions! There is the diamond for the Leader, the Club for the Officer, the Spade for the Member, and the Heart for the Recruit (Listed in order of authority).

[+] Survival Shop [+]
We've had this shop before, but we were never able to add it back when we reset the Survival World. Facions has inspired us to reassemble a shop for player use! This shop has it's own warp which you can use by doing /warp shop in game. Please enjoy!

[+] Bending Tutorial [+]
Whoop! Now everyone can learn to bend! A new build to the server offers bending information! Anytime someone new joins the server, send them to the /warp bendingtutorial! After they read up some information and have chosen their element, then they can get some tips from the players on the server.

[-] Cosmetics [-]
The plugin we used for cosmetics is currently being updated to 1.11, this means it's not 1.11 yet so we weren't able to update with it. However, we understand that it's a really fun part of the server so we DO know that when it comes back it will come back bigger and better than ever! If you purchase a donor rank you will still get the perks as soon as we bring it back!
Hope you enjoy!
-Bending Reborn Staff


hmm interesting this server was just post a bit ago but has more views in a short time then my server ;(


Your server was posted Friday where this one was posted in late November.... Just wait a bit longer, it'll get there <3
Server will be shut down indefinitely, due to disability in being able to maintain and update the server. In the future, unspecified, we will hopefully bring back the server bigger and better than ever!

Thank you for helping us to enjoy a truly amazing experience, see you in the future!
- Bending Reborn Staff