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63rd Weekly Update!


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Forge Developer
Hey everyone! It's the 63rd weekly update! I've got some cool stuff for ya!
First off- Air Burst. It's a new air ability! Charge up for a couple seconds then blast your enemies away! Ideas for upgrades and other functionality would be greatly appreciated!
Gif: Pretty laggy, as you can see. I'm gonna try and reduce the particle count a little!
Also, I've been working on lots of bug fixes! I've fixed a bunch that I don't even remember, and am working on a really embarassing bug... You can't bend against the Ender Dragon! Pretty crazy, right?!?!?!? It's immune! So, I've been working on trying to make sure the dragon can be damaged. I've had success so far with a couple abilities. I'm additionally working on compatiblity with other mods, so I have to redo allllllll of my collision code....
Anyway, I'm sure you noticed all the releases I did! That's gonna be pretty rare- it'll only happen every medium sized update- like the next one, with all its internal changes that'll probably cause crashes! :( I still need a couple textures, but I'm slowly working on making scroll drops and the config better! Balancing for everyone! Hope you guys have a great week!


Cool. A few suggestions though that will improve upon some features. For earth bending you shouldn't need have to look at the ground to use abilities like wall and pick block. For Pick up block if you are not directly looking at block it should randomly choose a block that is bendable around to use for more fluent game play and for wall looking straight ahead will bring up a wall that is 2 blocks in front of you automatically. You should also be able to use wall from a further distance. It is also annoying you cannot earthbend if you are on top of earth with snow on it. And jump shockwave abilities like firejump and air jump should have a charge time depending if they take effect. Skipping the charge time causes no shockwave but waiting for the jump to charge will cause initiate the shockwave upon landing.
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Hmm, I'll see what I can do for pickup block and earth wall! I think the shockwaves are fine not charged, as long as I balance the damage :p