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  1. Aceliip


  2. N

    Grief Prevention w/ siege

    I use the grief prevention server with the siege add on for pvp/land protection. I've searched the forums and wiki and haven't found how exactly project korra works with grief prevention. Does it prevent bending damage on claims? Is that toggleable? Does it prevent earth and water bending? Is...
  3. Pride

    Potential Unleashed!

    Heh, I'm not uploading this move onto ProjectKorra, btw. Unless you people want me to. :D
  4. Pride

    ProjectKorra Showcase - Firebending!

    :) Edit: New video! :D
  5. BrightStar


  6. Pride

    What Video Should I Make?

    Ok, so I've been browsing ProjectKorra's YouTube channel, and I see like no videos. I personally like the trailer and the Q&A's, but there are very minimal videos on the channel. I've been also browsing through YouTube for good quality Tutorials and all, even though most of them are pretty good...
  7. JackSky

    Potion Bending?

    While I was playing around with water bending I thought, what if you could bend with potions? For example, you can already bend water out of bottles so, if you had a potion of harming or poison you could use Water Manipulation/Torrent to shoot that at someone. You could also use a regen potion...