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  1. Vahagn

    Suggestion Poison and Wither Activating the Avatar State

    I think that when an avatar by the /bending avatar command is poisoned or withered (without them having low health) it should activate a heightened avatar state that is 20 seconds longer and double the strength of the old 1 than their normal avatar state, However, if the poison isn't going to...
  2. Vahagn

    Suggestion White Dragon & White Jade Tea

    "When Iroh and Zuko were traveling through the Earth Kingdom as refugees, they struggled to adjust to their new lifestyle. While searching for food, Iroh accidentally poisoned himself by drinking tea made from the poisonous white jade plant, mistaking it for the white dragon bush. Knowing that...
  3. NecKteviL

    Denied MetalPoisoning

    Element: Earth Sub: Metal Cooldown: 20000 To use this move you, you must have melted iron ores in your inventory. Simply tap sneck until silver particles appear in front of you, then punch the enemy to give it poison. This idea is not mine, I sa it in the RockMc forum in suggestion bit.
  4. NecKteviL

    Denied PoisonousBlast

    Name: PoisonousBlast (You can change the name as you want) Element: Water Sub-element: Plant Cooldown: 25000 Hit Damage: 1.0 Effects: Poison x7sec, Nausea x5sec To use, simply shift on a Plant Bendable Block and then left click wherever you want to shoot leaves, doing a bit damage and giving the...