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  1. Sammycocobear

    Firebending FireSwirl 1.1.0

    FireSwirl FireBlast(Hold Shift) FireShots(Left Click) FireShots(Left Click) Description FireSwirl allows FireBenders to control two streams of fire to scorch their enemies Configuration Options Sammycocobear: FireSwirl: cooldown: 2000 distance: 25.0 damage: 5.0...
  2. Simplicitee

    Firebending FlameBreath 1.0.2

    FlameBreath [Firebending] The greatest firebenders were able to breath fire! These firebenders learned from the majestic dragons which are now extinct, but fortunately they passed on their sacred bending arts to you! By breathing super-hot air, you can cause it to spontaneously combust, burning...