1. EmeraldJelly

    Introducing: ProjectJelly

    ____________________________________________________________________ Introducing ProjectJelly! ProjectJelly is a brand new Ability plugin that will add many different abilities to ProjectKorra to enhance game play. Yes it is similar to JedCore but as Jed no longer supports JedCore I thought it...
  2. EmeraldJelly

    Firebending FireSerpent (1.8.7) v1.0.0

    Fire Serpent Have you ever wanted to be a serpent? Well... Too bad. You cant be one. That's stupid. BUT!!!! You can make one out of fiyah!!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Concentrate your breath into a single point. Conceal the fire...
  3. EmeraldJelly

    Airbending Whirlwind v1.0.0

    Description: This is a very high level airbending move, requiring a lot of focus and breathing. You are able to create a wave of air knocking back your enemies while dealing damage. To do this, hold shift until you see air particles then release. Config: Damage: Knockback: Chargetime...
  4. EmeraldJelly

    Airbending CloudBurst v1.0.0

    CloudBurst: CloudBurst is a offensive ability for airbenders, it allows the user to create a dense ball of air, and launch it forward. On contact with the ground, water, or an entity, it will create an explosion of air throwing back entities within the vicinity of the move. Additionally, you...