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  1. xNuminousx

    Side Plugin ArmorInteraction 2.0

    Armor Interaction This simple plugin will allow you to have customizable interactions between damage done to players with bending abilities and the armor that they're wearing. As it currently sits, bending damage ignores armor. With this plugin, it'll not only respect armor but you can customize...
  2. Pride

    Suggestion People with strong Metallic Armor should not be affected by Chi Blocking.

    I just realized this now, that Paralyze and other Chi Blocking moves work against Diamond and Iron armor, or any kind of armor regardless of how it's refined or how hard it is. I believe the only armor that should be affected are Leather, Chain and Gold armor, because 1.) Leather does not...
  3. Luminty

    Armor Utility

    I was interested in MASTER-Pakku's idea of using armor for a utility ability on this thread (where I also commented about the usage), and I thought that Earthbenders could also benefit from this. In A:TLA, when Aang is trying to learn Earthbending, Toph surrounds herself with rocks for armor...