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    Im in desperate need of help - cannot bend at all, tried everything to my knowledge

    Hello! Im in need of your help and knowlegde! Sry for not just making a forum post but im in a hurry for making this work I have read multiple articles upon this, search the web for 4+ hours and i cannot find the answer for myself! I don't know how to change nor alter or handle the new...
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    Hello, I am on MCProHosting spigot 1.8.8 server with plugins mcMMO essentialsXXMMP EssentialsXGEOIP EssentialsXGroupManager EssentialsXChat EssentialsXAntiBuild ServerSigns EssentialsX PvPManager worldedit CS-CoreLib PAC ClearLag and Factions. I have multiple other bending addons along with...