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BendingChooseCooldown is a resource designed for servers that need a simple and easy solution to players using /bending choose over and over again.


- Customizable, from the message to the amount of days
- Smart command blocking -- if a player does /bending choose Dirt it will not show them the cooldown, same with /bending choose Earth1 -- it would be unfair if it did. Instead commands are only blocked if they are of a valid element. Also, people cannot trick the plugin by adding extra arguments to it.
- Easy to edit internal PlayerData config files, a short tutorial coming up
- Installs dependencies automatically for you
- Commands to change a player's cooldown

- Yamler (if you don't have it, it will auto-install it for you!)

Drag and drop the plugin into your plugins folder if you would like to start right away. For more customization keep reading.

- /bcc - Main command, shows version
- /bcc version - Same as above
- /bcc cc <player> <cooldown> - Sets the player's cooldown to the cooldown, in days
- /bcc choosecooldown <player> <cooldown> - Same as above
- /bcc reload - Reloads the config

Editing PlayerData files:

Let's say someone has accidentally chosen the wrong element. You're an admin; you should be able to change that. (Ignore the fact right now that we could just use /bending add and /bending remove, this is the best example I have, lol.) Okay so when you go into the BendingChooseCooldown folder of your plugins folder, if a player joined and picked an element, there will be a PlayerData folder. Inside there is at least one file with a UUID. The files are not username labeled because then people could circumvent the choose element filter by changing their username. Use a MC Username to UUID converter (google it) or vice versa and find the YML file you want to edit. In there there should be one simple line. It should look something like:
ice: 2017/08/13 22:34:11
That's the date that the player last changed their element. The format is:
for your reference. You can tinker with the date a bit (not too much, otherwise the plugin will throw an error!) or to remove the cooldown you can either delete the line or delete the YML file altogether.

Now your player can choose their element again! :)

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the plugin. :D
If there are any bugs, or ways to circumvent this plugin then please PM me or leave a shoutout in the reviews below. Thanks!
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